Sour cherry syrup – 0,75 l

3200 Ft

Rosenstein sour cherry syrup straight from the Farm.


The basis of the Rosenstein sour cherry syrup are provided by 2 hectares of cherry clusters in Újfehértó.

The plantation is located in Vigántpetend. The trees enjoy every moment of the summer sun and prefer the clay soil.

The juice extracted from the harvested fruit – stored in a 5-litre BaginBox – and made with sugar.

It is rich in fiber, so all the flavors of cherries can be enjoyed.

Capacity: 0.75 l
Ingredients: sour cherry (48%), sugar (42%), water, food acid, citric acid
It retains its quality for 1 month after opening
Refrigerate after opening
Dilution ratio: 1: 8